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EM Ceramic anti-tick tubes (per item)

EM ceramic beads against the bites of ticks. Applicable for both dogs and cats. Dimensions of beads: 11X10MM hole 4MM

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EM Beads against ticks/h1>

Ticks are very annoying to pets and unfortunately the animals and their owners often suffer from them every year. Dogs and cats are close to the ground and the tick therefore easily jumps between the warm hairs of the skin. An ideal place to bite into your pet's skin. That you obviously do not want. 123paracord has a solution: EM ceramic beads. The beads ensure that the tick does not feel comfortable and will choose an alternative, not your dog or cat.

Application EM beads

Our customers use the EM ceramic beads for processing in a collar. The beads lend themselves perfectly to the processing and our customers are extremely satisfied with the effect of the EM ceramic beads against ticks. Despite the fact that there is no scientific basis for the effect, our customers are enthusiastic and experience fewer ticks when using the EM beads.

Because the beads have the shape of a tube, they are easy to thread on our paracord. WithParacord type 3 of type 2 you can make beautiful collars and combine the good of a tick-free pet.

Characteristics EM ceramic beads

EM-X pipes (tubes) in which Effective Micro-organisms (EM) without access to air (anaerobic) are embedded. The pipes have a length and diameter of 10mm.

The constituents of EM-X ceramics are:

  • Natural clay
  • EM-X


  • EM


Because the quality of the EM ceramic beads of 123paracord is so incredibly good, they will last a lifetime


Instructions for using EM Ceramic Beads against ticks


  • Make a collar with the ceramic beads in it
  • .
  • Use about 8-10 beads per collar
  • .
  • Leave the collar on as often as possible
  • .
  • After about 2/3 weeks of constant use, the bead will be up to standard
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  • Rinse the collar every 2 weeks. This prevents the dirt from affecting the functioning of the collar. Let the collar dry in the sun (possibly behind a window). In this way, the operation and resonance are optimal.

Recognize tick bite pet

The tick bites into the skin of your pet. You can recognize the bite by a lump under the skin. Below you can see an example of this in a dog.

tick bite dog


We have a large stock and therefore delivery is very fast (ordered before 15.00 = same day shipping).

Disclaimer: There is no scientific support for the working of EM Beads. We base the success on user experience of our customers and other users.

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