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Paracord 425 Type II

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Paracord 425 is also known as paracord type 2. Do you want to use paracord for survival
activities or to make your own bracelets? Paracord type 2 is very strong (breaking strength
of 192 kg or 425 lbs) and also available in different colours. So you can use Paracord 425 everywhere
For example, to knot your own unique bracelets.
Moreover, we offer various accessories to make your jewellery complete.

Because we only sell the best quality paracord, you can be sure that our
Paracord type 2 is top quality. However, you do not pay too much, because we have the lowest meter price
meter price of Europe. In addition, you can make use of discounts if you buy larger quantities
quantities by buying paracord in bulk.

We sell paracord in one piece. Indicate when ordering how many meters of a colour / type of paracord you want to receive. This number you will receive from us in one piece.

We deliver our paracord as follows: