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Survival paracord

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Paracord is a type of rope with a story. The word para is derived from parachute, for which this type of rope was used in the past. The rope is both very strong and flexible. Paracord is nowadays used as a bracelet for example during survival, but also as a cheerful bracelet for decoration. Because of the various colours in which paracord is available, there are numerous possibilities for making your own jewellery or laces.

A survival paracord seems a simple product, but good quality is very important. It is therefore important to look carefully at what you need and make sure you check that the survival cord meets all your requirements. This survival paracord of is very solid and of absolute top quality. The diameter of this cord is 4mm thick and the core threads consist of seven nylon threads. Additional advantage of this cord is that it is very useful when making a fire. This survival cord has a tinder thread with a wax layer around it which makes starting a campfire a piece of cake in case of emergency.

In the video below you can see what the survival paracord looks like:

Good to know is that 123paracord is now also active in Germany via




Survival buckle 11MM

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Survival paracord type III Black fire

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Paracord Compass 23MMX23MM

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