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Survival paracord type III Black fire

Survival paracord type III black fire

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* Unit price: €0,70 / Meter

Paracord is sold per metre. Please fill in the desired number of metres when ordering. We deliver this in one piece. (For example, you ordered 10 pieces, you will receive one piece of 10 meters).

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Article number: C35-04
Unit price: €0,70 / Meter

Paracord 550 type 3 survival fire cord


Diameter: 4MM

br />Core wires: 32

br />Core wires: 7X nylon 1X Tinder wire with wax layer

br />Tinder wire: Jute with wax

This cord is specially made for survival and has an extra core of jute which has been coated with a wax layer. You can take this core thread apart and use it as a tinder when lighting a fire.

This cord is specially made for survival.

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