Polypropylene Rope

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123Paracord 6MM PPM Rope Camo
6MM PPM Rope Camo
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123Paracord 6MM PPM Rope Simply Red Diamond
6MM PPM Rope Simply Red Diamond
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123Paracord 6MM PPM Rope Desert
6MM PPM Rope Desert
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Polypropylene Rope

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On you will find many different types of rope that are suitable for various purposes. Besides the production of bracelets and other jewellery, the rope of also good to use for accessories for your animals, such as your dog, andeven for a horse. Polypropylene rope is one of the variants that can be found at and is ideal for animal accessories and outdoor use.

PPM stands for polypropylene multifilament and is a cord that is braided in a very neat way. One of the properties that make this rope so suitable for making a halter for a horse, but also for a dog leash, is that this material is very light and hardly absorbs any water. This is why the rope remains very good and does not decay, for example, due to continuous contact with water in the horse's drinking bowl or in the dog's mouth when it jumps through puddles or swims. The fact that polypropylene rope cord is very light in weight also makes this material very comfortable for the animal itself, because wearing a collar or halter is hardly noticed by the animal.

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