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Paracord 550 Type III Mix package 4-6 meter (500g)

In this package you will find 500 grams of various colours, patterns of paracord 550 type III. The total length of the paracord in the package is about 70-80 metres.

€14,95 Incl. tax

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Article number: F02-13

Paracord 550 Type III Mix package 4-6 meter (500g)

This is the ideal way to get a nice mix of various colours, patterns and lengths of paracord at an affordable price. The contents of the package is composed randomly each time, and we do our best to make each package as varied as possible. It is not possible to choose the colours yourself.

What do you find in this pack?

  • Multiple bundles of Paracord Type III 550
  • A total of 500g of paracord per package
  • Between 70 and 80 metres of paracord
  • Normal price of 550 Type III per meter is available from € 0.35
  • The length of the cords is 4-6 metres
  • The paracord is free of damage and is of the same quality as our other products


It is not possible to return or exchange this product (Paracord 550 Type III Mix package 500g) for another package.

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