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Paracord 550 type III Lime Green

High quality nylon cord for knots and outdoor, 4MM diameter. Up to 25% discount (€ 0,26/mtr) for larger orders.

€0,37 Incl. tax
* Unit price: €0,37 / Meter

Paracord is sold per metre. Please fill in the desired number of metres when ordering. We deliver this in one piece. (For example, you ordered 10 pieces, you will receive one piece of 10 meters).

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Article number: A09-08
Unit price: €0,37 / Meter


There are many different types of paracord available: type 1 to 4. Type 3 is the most commonly used and is 4mm thick. This type is also called paracord 550. 123paracord specializes in the sale of type 3 paracord. The cord has a tensile strength of 249kg.

With paracord 550 (type 3) you can make very versatile things. Think of fashionable jewellery and accessories that have a tough or very sweet look. Of course, the combination of colours is infinite. The products can be used for all kinds of purposes, with strength as the basic characteristic.

Our product range

123paracord offers a diverse range of colours and accessories to suit all tastes:

  • Single colour
  • Multi color
  • Neon
  • Diamond
  • Camo
  • Accessories
  • String stoppers
  • Charms and beads
  • Clasps
  • Needles
  • D-rings
  • Carabiner hooks

History and use


Paracord has a very long history; during the second world war Type 3 paracord (550) was used in parachutes. This immediately shows one of the characteristics of paracord; the enormous carrying capacity. Nowadays, paracord is used for very different purposes. Especially in the hobby, pet and outdoor & adventure branch paracord is a much used product. Paracord is also used in the automotive industry because it is so incredibly strong. The product is not only strong, but also very flexible and therefore easy to process.

In the hobby sector paracord 550 is used for making bracelets, necklaces, hammocks, handbags, key rings and even flower boxes. In the pet sector, Paracord type 3 is often used for making collars and leashes.

Of course, outdoor paracord is the ideal choice. Naturally, outdoor and adventure is an industry in which Paracord 550 is often used. After all, it has its origins in this world. Used for making hammocks, laces, belts is common.

Tips and links

Want more tips and tricks? Then check out one of our own knot examples and our accessories:

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Here you will find the whole range of paracord 550 (type 3)

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